Saturday, April 25, 2009

Celebrating Celebrity Resemblances

The latest Facebook activity I have enjoyed is "I've been told I look like..." 

You select five celebrities from their database and post them. When friends balked at some of my choices (and they aren't really my choices, it's what others have said) I tried to recreate them, starring me. (click image to enlarge)

Of course, it's not my idea to try and look as much as possible like a photo of someone I allegedly resemble. It comes from a smarter and funnier guy. Check out this classic Kids in the Hall minute.

If fictional characters had been an option, I could have included Harry Potter, Where's Waldo (way too strong of a jawline), and the groom from "The Corpse Bride" (just right in the jawline department). And way back when, several people noticed my resemblance to (these are obscure) the kid at summer camp afraid of swimming in the 1885 TV movie "Poison Ivy" (Cary Guffey, several years after he was a kid in Close Encounters) and the young piano genius in "Shine" (Noah Taylor, who went on to play a young Hitler).

Then there's the game of picking who would play you in the biopic of your life. I am actually leaning toward Noah Taylor, but my sentimental favorite is Steve Buscemi.


Anonymous said...

Hey! You forgot Victor for "Corpse Bride"

g nemec said...

I called him the groom from "The Corpse Bride."

I forgive you for not reading the whole post, nobody does.

do you have a flag? said...

This is hilarious, and also slightly disturbing how you morph into so many people. I don't think I look like anyone, except my mom.

g nemec said...

It's not about who YOU think you look like, it's about who OTHERS say you look like. If I thought I actually looked like Ozzie Osbourne I would kill myself.

Selina Alko said...