Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"There Is No Dog" rounds 3 and 4

See my previous post to get caught up. The two details at the top of the page are from the two completed pieces as they appear on John Bergin's new blog. As the Luna Park image (in progress below) and those by other artists collaborating with John are finished, they can be seen there.

Luna Park, in progress. Here's what John sent back to me (click to enlarge):

This references the true story of the bizarre spectacle of an elephant being electrocuted to death right in Luna Park. Here's what I sent back to him.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"There Is No Dog" rounds 1 and 2

My friend John Bergin (who is always making cool things) invited me to do an Exquisite Corpse-style project he is calling "There is no dog." He also sent this to other artist friends. The idea is that I add something and send it back to him, he does the same, until it is done. Here are the three options he sent (click on image to see them bigger): I thought I might as well add to all three, and see what he does next. From left to right, I added a detail of an illustration I am working on, a Gericault painting, and a photo of Luna Park at Coney island that I am using as reference for another illustration. Here's Round 2:

Stay tuned.