Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teeny tiny art

Done for an upcoming group show called "Dime Bag 3" at Giant Robot New York. Each piece of art has to fit inside a three-inch plastic baggie. Tiny paintings, drawings, sculptures, all displayed on the wall in their zip-lock bags.

This is the first piece I have done that I would consider multimedia scratchboard. Scratching, sandpaper, scratching, oil paint, more scratching, in a genuine wood frame. Scratchboard's not usually soft and warm so that was my motivation. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Portraits in Two Directions and Cartoons!

I just finished up a semester of teaching gradeschool and middle school artists, and whenever a kid had some downtime (either finishing a project early, or wishing they weren't doing the current project) I would ask them if they would draw or paint me, I could draw or paint them, and we could trade art. So here's a variety of simultaneous portraits.
Each grid has a corresponding portrait in the other, so the center portrait of me was painted by the artist who is shown in the center of the kids. (She also drew the bottom center portrait of me, as she is quite prolific. The bottom center portrait in the grid of kids shows what happens when I screw up—turn it into a pirate!)

The artist who opens our exhibit above did not want her portrait created, but watched and recorded the moment that Justin and I drew each other. Click on these to see them in much more detail.

One of my animation students and I made this movie by moving sand around on a light table. He was great at figuring out how to turn one shape into another.

Also, here is an animated film created by two first time animators with me this semester. It's a feminist masterpiece that's a little over two minutes long.