Monday, July 25, 2011

The Devil is in the Details

The sketch was done on a plane ride on my way to see my family in Iowa. It was photographed with my low-end camera phone and sent to a laptop where I colored it with Photoshop in a hotel room while my kids swam. Then I did the final in scratchboard, scanned and colored it once I got back home. It doesn't make me miss the good old days.

The article itself is fascinating. It is about the power of the mind on appetite. An experiment was conducted where one group was shown a "sinfully indulgent" treat and one group was shown a "low calorie healthy alternative" treat. Both were the same exact milkshake. The "unhealthy" treat elicited greater feelings of hunger than the "healthy" one, and after consuming the shake, those who had the "unhealthy" treat reported feeling more full and satisfied than those who had the "healthy" treat.