Friday, January 16, 2009

Why designers can include movie tickets as business expenses

My friend Scott, who is responsible for pointing me in the direction of much that is awesome, sent me this link to an ever-expanding website that collects screen captures of movie titles, from A:

to Z:

(Zathura, by the way, is by no means the last one on the list, what with Zombies being on Broadway and Zontar being from Venus and so on. Similarly, Anatomy of a Murder is preceded by lots of Alien and Abbott and Costello movies. I just like the looks of these two.) It's interesting to me to see how many different solutions there are to the problem of putting the movie's title up on the screen. There's the Woody Allen approach, simple and unchanging from film to film, creating a kind of brand for the director:

Then there are the ones that really set the stage for the film, like an illustrated book cover:

And apart from the first image on this blog entry, which I included as a personal favorite, I haven't even looked past the A and Z pages. Lots of treasures to unearth.


Karen said...

I READ your blog and I LOVED it... xoxo me

g nemec said...

Thanks! I never know who is out there, it's like shouting into the wilderness.

JOHN said...

Check this site out, too:

awesome movie title sequences...

...and, yea, it's a